About Us

Welcome to our story, which began in Northeast Missouri. Dave and I, with my children Emma and Noah, transformed a challenging 2020 into a year of growth and creativity. Our three-acre property evolved as we cultivated a 20x30 garden, expanding to 24 raised beds in 2021, and eventually covering the back acre with vegetable beds. Our garden's luffa sponges led us to discover soap-making, which quickly became a business with support from friends and family.

In 2023, we sold our vegetables, artisan soaps, and suncatchers at local farmers' markets and launched an online store. In 2024, we added a large flower garden, planning a U-pick, roadside stand, and sales at the Hannibal Farmer's Market.

Join us on our journey from gardening novices to thriving entrepreneurs and share in the wonder of our Northeast Missouri sanctuary.